Taking Healthcare Analytics to a New Level
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Many people don’t learn or grasp the full concept of an explanation without a little bit of help.  Trying to form the idea in your mind can be a very different picture than what a presenter might intend when explaining.  And when it comes to healthcare analytics, there is nothing very simple about it, not something that should be misconstrued.  As such, Health Catalyst has taken a new and different approach by firstly, creating an informative summit and secondly, making it more about incorporating analytics on a personal level.  The Healthcare Analytics Summit ’16 (HAS’16) is building on the momentum and feedback of last year’s summit, and focusing this one on the theme, “Expanding Your Outcomes”.

There are key reasons why this analytics summit is different, but also why it is so much more comprehensive and full of thoughtful features that make the whole experience one to build on and use.

Breakout Sessions with How-to Instructions

In previous years, breakout sessions had been a part of the healthcare summits, but many of the attendees wrote back saying that these mini meetings were not as long or detailed as they would have preferred.  Health Catalyst listened and has extended the sessions, along with the question and answer period.  For those that are more familiar with analytics technology, there are going to be experts available to go beyond the fundamentals and explain more specifically the individual needs and demands that some healthcare organizations may have. 

Obviously, there are some that will be attending that are just being introduced to analytics systems and data strains for their establishment.  Others are far beyond the basics and are working to adopt more variety for the different departments and reporting agencies.  For both groups there is ample amount of information that can be discussed and discovered not matter your level of need.

Walkabouts in Analytics

Analytics is not just a single department benefactor, but an organizational tool that enables clinical, financial operational and workflow groups to improve outcomes and eliminate waste.  The Walkabouts are an easy way to sit down in a one-on-one setting and learn from leaders in the industry all about where analytics can make a difference and how healthcare is just scratching the surface with analytics possibilities for things like prediction healthcare solutions. 

The Walkabouts are designed to allow analytics professionals to demonstrate on laptops the specific information that you might need, pull up screenshots to describe in detail and bring up live demos of analytics software at work to demonstrate just how it is applied in real life situations. 

Hands-on Opportunities

What better way to see and understand what is going on than to participate in scenarios that utilize real-time analytics?  By participating with the HAS ’16 app in the polling and question and answer sessions, your input will be reflected in analytics as part of the presentations.  Though this isn’t applicable in a healthcare organization’s setting, the understanding of analytics applications and scope will open your eyes to possibilities within the walls of your system. 

Analytics isn’t just touched upon at the Summit, but is the grand focus over the three days of the Summit.  By sitting down with either knowledgeable individuals or teams, you will be clued into how important analytics is for your organization and the answers to questions within your system that you may never have thought to ask.  It is insight like this that leads to more efficiency, less waste, better healthcare and better outcomes for patients. 

There is no need to fear that this is something out of the college lecture hall playbook.  The atmosphere and presentations are set up to be informative, professional, yet exciting and interactive.  Each session and production within the Summit is meant for maximum learning and growth, with the ability to get answers to lingering questions or to discover the possibilities that may have only been a dream. 

You won’t go away empty handed by any respect of the imagination.  This is one of the greatest opportunities to network with your peers and other leaders in the industry.  Put away the old business card mentality, and move into the technical age of swapping information via the HAS ’16 app and even earning points towards prizes given away at the Summit.  Who knew getting to know people could pay off in the short- and long-term of things?  All these things mashed together lead to the possibility of gaining true perspective of the possibilities for healthcare analytics and doing it in a way that is much more effective than being lectured to or told to read a manual. 

If you are interested in attending the Healthcare Analytics Summit ’16, please click here for further details and a full description of agenda and speakers click here for registration.  See you in Salt Lake City, September 6-8!


We are currently preparing for HASummit 2018 from Sept 11th to the 18th.  Feel free to click on the above links to look over the current list of speakers, the Breakout Sessions and any other information. We look forward to seeing you there if you can make it.